Tramites Guanacaste

Our Company is focused on providing security, personal attention and quick solutions to our customers, providing information and requirements for the conduct of proceedings before the national public administration, as well as helping as real estate intermediaries and legal and environmental counselors.


 banking, bill payment and information.
 Municipal: leave documents, building permits, visas, permits for development of tourism projects, tax payments, among others.
 Legal: delivery of documents or consultancies
 Procedures in institutions of public services for permits from the Ministry of Health, MOP, ICE, National Register, INVO, AYA.
 Tourism Certification of ICT: to provide procedures and requirements to carry out, also consultancies.

Each of the services are customized with trained personnel with a high level of responsibility, honesty and customer service.


 Legal: any problem, concessions or consultation on legal procedures that exist nationwide.
 Environment: To know or obtain environmental viability of a project (license)
 Real Estate: with any question of sale or rental of property or real estate development, property management, among others.

We are intermediaries for any advisory consultation. We count with companies and highly trained individuals in the area with national and international recognition.

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