Playa Penca - Secluded Beach in Guanacaste

In the ever so beautiful region of Guanacaste, Costa Rica lays an amazing beach by the name of Playa Penca. This beach is a local favorite and available for anyone to visit although you do need to cut through private property to get there. Fortunately, all beaches are public in Costa Rica so if there is not a public entrance, land owners are required by law to grant access to anyone asking to go to the beach.

Getting to Playa Penca is easy if you know where you are going but can easily be passed by if you are not fimiliar with the area. There is a guided picture gallery here for you to get familiar with the road to Playa Penca.

When entering into the gated area, continue down the dirt road until you can go no further. There are two stops that you can make before you reach the end to stop and take pictures or visit another area but don't be over zealous and think you made it to the destination unless you have to park and continue to walk.

First stop is the Antenna Tower. Great place to snap pictures and look out to the pacific ocean high atop the mountain side.

Second place is to just pull over a gaze towards the north end of Costa Rica over the Four Seasons at Santa Rosa National Park.


After stopping and taking your photos of the landscape, continue to the beach. Keep your camera out and ready as this is an area that has many Monkeys, Birds and other wildlife that reside here.

800 meters walk down the dirt road, you will find Playa Penca. A north facing beach with views of Four Seasons and at the tip of the pennisula between Playas del Coco and Playa Hermosa. Enjoy and don't forget to bring a cooler of goodies, towels and small bag of other necessities. Remamber you need to walk so don't pack too heavy!


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