Transportation in Costa Rica is one of the most important items to plan for during your stay.

When making reservations for your airfare, you should always consider how far you will need to travel to get to your final destination, tours or other activities that you are planning for your vacation.

Transportation in General: If you are traveling as a family or planning to visit multiple destinations while visiting, it may be best to use a Rental Car service and drive yourself. we can assist you in planning your trip in Costa Rica and develop the best option for you.

Transportation with Tours: This is usually included in the price of most tours and best to utilize the services provided unless your are 100% comfortable navigating through the country. Some tours will be easily found and others would be best to use the services of a tour guide, especially if that same tour guide will be joining you on the tour. 




Shared Shuttles: Shared Shuttles are available from many places in Costa Rica for a fast, more comfortable option that can get you to your destination in all parts of the country.

Taxi Service: Legal taxis in Costa Rica are Red in Color with a Yellow Triangle on the door with the taxi number.

Public Transportation: Buses are the normal everyday transportation for Costa Ricans traveling to and from work, beaches or cities. These bus companies usually have specific locations that they call their home hub and then other locations in the big cities of Liberia, San Jose and other destinations.


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